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Unless otherwise noted, all recipes on this blog are free of gluten, peanuts, soy, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, shellfish, cane sugar, oranges, and yeast. Most recipes are also free of egg, dairy, and tree nuts (if used, reliable substitutions will be provided for these when possible). Check out my recipe index for a full list of recipes by category. 

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Yeast-Free Pumpkinseed Teff Sandwich Bread (gluten-free, vegan, ACD)

Recipes follow the following restrictions unless otherwise noted:

Gluten Free  -  Dairy Free  -  Egg Free  -  Corn Free  -  Soy Free  -  Potato Free  -  Tomato Free  -  Citrus Free     Cane Sugar Free  -  Peanut Free  -  Tree Nut Free  -  Yeast Free  -  Shellfish Free

GF = Gluten-Free
ACD = Anti-Candida Diet 

★ indicates a favorite recipe


Please note...

Many of the earlier bread and baking recipes on this blog (2008-2009) are from the start of my gluten-free journey. As I've continued on my culinary path, my baking has improved, as to be expected! I am now more selective with my choices of what I share with my readers. The early days of the blog, on the other hand, were merely dedicated to sharing whatever I did - even if it wasn't so perfect or great. If you choose to make a recipe that was created early in the life of this blog, please proceed with excitement and a bit of caution  ;)  Most recipes from 2010 through present should be more reliable, more delicious, and have a wider crowd appeal.